Prayer Request

Kat, 02/21/2024 - 9:08 AM

Please pray for me as I try to overcome the barriers I am facing that are preventing me from attending church. I lived over 30 years as an atheist. No longer. While studying many religious beliefs I discovered Seventh-Day Adventists. (Rather, they discovered me.) After over a year of absorbing all the Adventist material, media and literature I could get my hands on, I now fully believe and I am trying to grow my faith, including attending church. But agoraphobia has kept me in my home for years; deeply afraid of going outside, I lack transportation, I do not own appropriate/modest clothing that fits and I am worried about my tattoos being seen or causing offense. I am worried that my appearance isn't good enough or will make my past overshadow who I am today…and who I want to become. I am worried I will be mocked or that I will not be welcome. I am scared. Please pray for me. I plan to watch services at NPR SDA church online starting this week, but I am desperately seeking the courage to leave my home and join you in person.